My name is Laurie Taylor, I am 21 years old and I am a professional Alpine Ski Racer. My ultimate goal is to compete at the highest level in World Cup Competitions as well as the Olympics.

I started skiing when I was 6 years old on a family holiday. From that moment I loved skiing and this led to me joining the Aldershot Ski Race Team when I was 9. I was very keen and wanted to get as many runs as possible on the training courses. It wasn’t long before I started joining in with other clubs (Bromley and Southampton), as well, to get more training. I went from coming nearly last to getting podiums within my first season.

When I was 10, I was invited to train at the British Ski Academy (BSA) by Malcolm Erskine, which is based in Les Houches, France. I have been skiing with BSA each European season since and I have also spent four season racing in New Zealand with the Queenstown Alpine Ski Team (QAST). To help fund this, I wash dishes in the BSA kitchen. I also help the caretaker of the Otago Ski Lodge, where I stay in New Zealand and I tune peoples skis.

Currently I am in the British U21 Ski Team and I have received a silver Olympic passport.

I completed my A-level equivalents in November 2012 and I am now taking time out to ski full time to realise my dreams.

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I cannot be more grateful for the support I get from these people and everybody else that has supported me along the way, together you have helped to give me the opportunity to chase my dreams as an Alpine Skier, this is our journey.

Why support me?

  • Incredibly focused, hard working and determined to succeed.
  • Continually improving ski results with limited resources available to me in comparison to some of the other competitors.
  • A great role model, meaning I am able to promote companies/individuals very well.
  • Available to represent/work for sponsors.
  • Roll my sleeves up and willing to try anything to achieve goals.
If you are interested in supporting a future British champion, please get in touch.

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